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Sketches by Ali S

Capturing conversations, ideas and connections that matter.

Work with me to creatively represent your meetings, strategy, events and vision.  

Sketchnotes and Graphic Harvests;

  • distil and organise large quantities of complex information into key messages

  • create immediate and permanent record

  • communicate in an engaging and accessible way.

Check out some of my work below. 

My Work

My number one "work" is being mum to my two kids...but you're not interested in that.

Scroll down to see various projects I have worked on.

Commissions and Reports

Distil complex and extensive information into single page illustrations for wider communication.

Design and illustrate reports.


Webinars and Events

Capture and communicate talks and learning events in one page documents for wide dissemination.


Collective Decision Making

Harvest discussions and record collective decisions.

Open-Philanthropy-1st-Panel-Sketchnote 1.png


Outline partnerships and collaborations.


Youth Voice

Represent the voices of young people though a medium that they approve.

youth voice.png


Bespoke illustrations and wall art available to buy prints or commission new projects.

Much more...

“Art is too important not to share.”

Romero Britto



07979 895103

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