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Sketches by Ali S

Capturing conversations, ideas and connections that matter.

Work with me to creatively represent your meetings, strategy, events and vision.  

Sketchnotes and Graphic Harvests;

  • distil and organising large quantities of complex information into key messages

  • create immediate and permanent record

  • communicates in an engaging and accessible way.

Check out some of my work below. 

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My Work

Scroll down to see various projects I have worked on.

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Commissions and Reports

Distil complex and extensive information into single page illustrations for wider communication.

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Webinars and Events

Capture and communicate talks and learning events in one page documents for wide dissemination.

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Collective Decision Making

Harvest discussions and record collective decisions.

Open-Philanthropy-1st-Panel-Sketchnote 1.png
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Outline partnerships and collaborations.

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Youth Voice

Represent the voices of young people though a medium that they approve.

youth voice.png
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Much more...

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“Art is too important not to share.”

Romero Britto

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