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Hear from people I have worked with recently.


Uk Youth

‘Ali’s support for our event was incredible. From wanting to join the pre-event training to understand it’s essence and core, to working collaborative with ourselves and our event partner, what she was able to produce was just absolutely the best. It was a real asset to have a Sketchnote following our online half day workshop, our young people loved having a physical take-away to prompt them on the topics covered. It also looked beautiful. Thank you Ali!’’


Streetgames UK

‘We planned to host a series of Communities of Learning events for holiday club providers and we needed a creative way of capturing the voices in the room and presenting the learning in a visual way.
Working with Ali really enabled us to bring the learning of over 90 providers and partners together, resulting in a fantastic sketched summary report.
The feedback has been extremely positive; the sketches showcase the voices brilliantly and has enabled the project management team to extrapolate the learning to create future programme recommendations.
Ali’s ability to draw out the learning from the voices in the room and her attention to detail in the visual representation has really enabled us to bring this part of the programme to life”


North Yorkshire Police

‘The sketchnotes drawn by Ali have been fun and valuable part of the project.  an engaging and interesting way to capture meetings on paper. Quick and simple for all to understand, instead of lengthy papers that no one reads.’

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