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I aim for transparency throughout my work and will keep my prices as clear and accessible as possible. 

Check out the different ways we could collaborate below.

Real Time SketchNote or Graphic Recording

Hand drawn, hand written digital record of your event or meeting.

Created in real time and usually shared with you, usually within 24 hours of the session.

This involves a process of careful listening and synthesizing of information into an easy to navigate graphic.

£180 per hour or;

£425 half day rate or;

£650 day rate.

Includes completed digital image and 30 minute pre meeting and 60 minute debrief if required.

Reasonable travel and expenses for in person events may be an additional cost. 

Bespoke Design and/or Illustration

Distil information from a report, event or collaboration it to a visual image/design.

Design your report, evaluation, written document to increase engagement. 


Costs vary depending on the time commitment but often cost around £495. 

Reasonable travel and expenses for in person activity may be an additional cost. 

Report Design

Transform your written word into a design ready for board, the public, your website and more.  

Using your branding and imagery creating a document that is visually appealing, accessible and highlights the key information to ensure more people take in the information.


Length of project (i.e. number of pages) impacts the cost but typical reports of 10 - 30 pages priced at £450. 


The price includes 30 minute pre design meeting and reasonable adjustments to the design upon completion.  

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Are you looking for something else that isn’t covered here... feel free to get in touch and let’s have a chat.

If I can’t help, I may know someone who can. Like the wonderful

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