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Why Sketchnote

What better way to begin this blog than with an image giving a few more reasons to engage with Sketchnotes. As I continue my sketchnote journey I’ll share more on here, I love capturing the journey and wonderful things and people I’m able to connect with along the way. I have already come such a long way, starting out during Lockdown when staring at a Zoom screen was quite literally making me lose it. I started to doodle just so that I could absorb the information. In some systems change training (with Pauline Roberts @PRoberts666) I heard about rich pictures, a way to communicate stories through drawing, looking into it a little more I found Sketchnotes somewhere online. With incredible support from friends and strangers (now friends), along the way I find myself reducing hours at work to make room for freelance doodling.

I particularly want to mention and thank Mandy at Mandy took a message from me, a stranger, in summer 2021, asking about her journey. She not only took the time to talk to me but encouraged me to be confident, kept in touch, guided supported and even took me as an associate for SketchnotesUk. I have no doubt that, without her, I would not have perused this and opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me.


Check out for fantastic work Mandy does.

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